What is Enterprise Jazz?
Enterprise Jazz is designed for mobile service businesses such as:
  • Auto detailing
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Handyman
  • DJ'ing
It runs inside your internet browser.
With Enterprise Jazz, you can:
  • Schedule appointments
  • Keep track of payments
  • Keep track of customers
  • Pay employees
Click around, get a feel for Enterprise Jazz
Enterprise Jazz is free.
In the future you will be able to pay for premium features such as the ability to route phone calls and listen to all phone calls that you have had with a customer.
Why all the free stuff?

I want Enterprise Jazz to be something that a small business can use for free. You should be able to get a huge amount of value from this application without paying a dime.

Later on, after you grow, you might choose to add some premium features such as call handling, GPS tracking, or route optimization. But you don't strictly need those features to run a business. I want to make all "needed" features available for free.

Maybe this is because I am benevolent, but I also think its good marketing.

- Chris Dutrow
Creator, Enterprise Jazz
Email Chris@EnterpriseJazz.com
Phone (540) 915-1727
8708 Lindendle Dr
Laurel, MD 20707